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CO Type Rubber Fender

marine rubber fenders can be installed on dock or ship, which could absorb collision energy during ships are landing.


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Rubber Fender:
Rubber Fenders/Rubber Buffers are usually installed on dock or ship, which could absorb collision energy during ships are landing. This will protect both ship and dock.
Normally there are two types of rubber fenders: Solid rubber fender and floating rubber fender.  Solid rubber feners has been used for a long history since it is easily to be made and long time life. Solid fenders include D type rubber fender, GD type rubber fender, DA type rubber fender, CY  (Cylindrical) type rubber fender, SC (Super Cell) type rubber fender, CO (Cone) type rubber fender, etc.. Floating rubber fender has a short history but because their good property, now floating fenders are widely used in ship industry. Commonly there are two type floating rubber fender: Pneumatic rubber fender and Filled rubber fender.
In China, at present the standard of solid rubber fender is < HG/T 2866-2003>. The standard of floating rubber fender is < CB-T 3948> and ISO17357:2002
Cone Rubber Fender (TYPE CO)
1.Can endure server shear force
2.Structure is more reasonable and increased deflection, high-energy absorption and longer service life
3.It has excellent life-stability in the Marine Environment.
H (mm) D(mm) U(mm) P(mm) S(mm) hole 
CO500H 500 800 490 730 425 4
CO600H 600 960 590 875 515 4
CO800H 800 1280 785 1165 685 6
CO1000H 1000 1600 980 1460 855 6
CO1100H 1100 1760 1080 1605 940 8
CO1200H 1200 1920 1175 1750 1025 8
CO1300H 1300 2080 1275 1900 1100 8
CO1400H 1400 2240 1370 2040 1195 8
CO1600H 1600 2560 1570 2335 1365 8
CO1800H 1800 2880 1765 2625 1540 10
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