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Company Background

At 14:00PM, On 7th November, 2013, Taiwan Huasu group co., LTD officially authorized acquired Qingdao Okin Rubber And Plastics Industry Co., Ltd from Hebei Xinhua Xinyue Group. The handover Ceremony was finished at 16:00 pm, and we successfully completed the mission of all acquisitions.

Meantime, our group officially announced that our new name would be “Taiwan Okin Huasu Rubber And Plastics Group Limited”. Actually In the early years, Taiwan Huasu group co., LTD mainly focused on rubber raw materials business including purchasing, selling, research and development for rubber raw material. Up to now our group has five rubber related factories locating in Taiwan and mainland China, and we have one separate factory in Taiwan, which is special for rubber compound mixing.

At present, Taiwan Okin Huasu Rubber And Plastics Group Limited is one of the biggest and most professional factories for rubber extrusion and moulding industry in China. We have many experts in rubber business now since we keep growing based on Technic First. We were, are and will be training our own staff, which is one own system for employee advancing.

Now our group has four factories in north & south China region for different technology way. Besides we have one separate in workshop in Sothern China, which is special for mould processing. All of our moulds making equipments are from Germany in order to give our customers the most excellent and highest quality customized products.

Moreover, our Group also has three import and export companies in Dalian, Qingdao, and Shenzhen Yantian port. We have overseas business center affiliated in Qingdao branch, which has two subsidiary Import and Export Companies.

Taiwan Okin Huasu Group is working all by us including raw materials purchasing, rubber mixing, mould making and products producing. We call this as “train line workmanship”.

Because the group is the predecessor of rubber raw material, so we have great advantage in price cost and quality control of the rubber raw material. We are purchasing large quantity EPDM raw material form DuPont Engineering Polymers, Lion Chemical Company and the Netherlands-based DSM group. We are also buying silicone material from Shin-Etsu, Toshiba, Dow Corning, Solvay Specialty Polymers France S.A.S., WACKER CHEMIE AG. Meanwhile we are partner of DuPont, 3M, Daikin, Japan and K.G.K German Company for FKM Material. In addition, we separately mix rubber compound using our own most advanced rubber mixing equipments.

The following is our main flow chart:

Mould manufacturing - raw materials control - Independent rubber mixing - rubber vulcanization – products manufactured process based on different technic - post-processing - packaging - delivery

We are strict in every aspect, focusing high attention on management and using most advanced equipments such as extruders, calenders, angle joint machines and drum-type curing press etc..