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Are samples are free?

Dear all customers: First of all, we appreciate your interested in our company and Rubber Seal products. You could learn our products and company according to our website. And if you want to learn more such as samples, drawings, delivery time etc., please email us to our sales team. Here are our answers for samples.

Samples are available before order. We respect customer’s right to inspect our samples before order. However, since we receive a lot of samples request every week, which give us a lot of cost especially express cost. So our company decides as following:

1. For new customers:
The samples are free, but I am sorry that if these samples needs new toolings, the tooling cost will be on buyers’ account. And meanwhile, the express cost will be also on buyers’ account. We make this policy just in order to let us  know the customers’ sincerity. I hope you could understand and this is workable for any new customer. However, in order to show our sincerity, this cost especially the express cost could be returned after first order. And  we will discuss with you about the tooling cost since for different products, the tooling cost is totally different.

2. For current customers:
Our samples are free for current customers expect the tooling cost. We will see if the tooling cost is high or low. If the tooling cost is not very high, then we will afford this too, which means the samples are totally free for current customers.

Delivery time introduction:

Dear all customers:
We know that delivery time is very important for all of you. So we explain the delivery time here:

1.   For samples:
If the samples you ask are our current products, the delivery time will be within 3 days. We could even send any time since we have a lot of sample stock for current products. Even we don’t have samples for our current products, it will take short time to make new ones.
If the samples you ask are not our current products, then we need to make new mould to make samples. The sample delivery time will be depended on toolings and production. Normally for extrusion profiles, the sample delivery will be about 3-4 weeks and for moulded products, the delivery will be about 4-5 weeks.

2.   For official orders:
The delivery time will be about 3-4 weeks for extrusion profiles and will be about 4 weeks for moulded products. But this will be effected by our production arrangement. So please confirm with our sales man.

Package question:

Now, please let us introduce our package question as followings:

Our usual package way:

A. For extrusion profiles:
Our package is box. The box will be no word and brow. If you want us to print some words or your logo on the box, please afford the extra cost of the box.
If the order is LCL, we usually put the box on the pallets in order to keep them strong enough on sea. We will discuss this cost. If the order is FCL, we usually don’t use pallets, if you need, please discuss the cost with our sales man.

B. For small moulded rubber products:
The situation is same as above. Please check it.

C. For big moulded rubber products:
There will be no package for big mouled rubber products such as fenders. Please confirm with our sales man.
Compensation problem:

As a good and reliable supplier, we are always taking 100% responsibility for all products we produce and sell; even the products are bought from our partners though us. If there is any problem for the products, please discuss with our sales man. Here are some policies to solve these kinds of problem.

1, Please show the problem clearly to our sales team. This needs pictures or testing report. If the problem especially the quality problem is on our side, we will give you the sloving proposal within 7 working days to discuss with you.

2. If the problem is caused by transportation, we will try to give you some compensation as much as we could. And we will give you our proposal within 5 days to discuss with you.
So all dear customer, please keep our samples after they are proved. This will be checked with the products which has problem.

What we could do for other products which we are not selling at present?

First of all, I have to say that no factory could produce any products even any rubber products. So there are a lot of products that we could not produce and sell at present. However our mission is to supply total one-step service to our customers. So if you can trust us, we also supply buying service for all of our customers. Here is the introduction about this service:

(1) Help you find the best suppliers in China. Our experienced staff could provide you with the best information and suggestion, which will be greatly helpful for you to save costs and time.

(2) Be 100% responsible for the suppliers we recommended to you.

(3) Help you get the best prices and the most detailed contract terms.
We know this will be based on high trust and long relationship with each other. But once you choose us, we will let you know that your choice is right.