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Our old bank account officially discontinued 2015-01-14
Dear all concerned:

First of all, Okin team wish our all customers happy New Year and the business will be thriving in 2015.

Hereby we (Taiwan Okin Huasu Group Limited,Okin Huasu Rubber and Plastics Group limited,Qingdao Okin Rubber And Plastics Industry Co.,Ltd) announce the old name of our company “Okin Huasu Rubber and Plastics Group limited “in Sep, 2014, officially changed its name to Taiwan Okin Huasu Group.

We are very sorry that in the past few months, because of our company name(our bank beneficiary name)was so long. Lead to our so many customers payment to be failure, so we have to change our company name(our bank beneficiary name). Meantime we appreciate all of your support during the last several years and the past few months in this year. And we hope we could cooperate with all customers and partners for a very long time in the future. You could no worry about anything else happen because of this change. All of your productions and service will be taken care better in the future too.

The new name (Taiwan Okin Huasu Group) had been started from 16th, Sep, 2014, we have already informed most of our customers our new name and bank details in Oct, 2014. We apologize if this give you trouble since we will need to use new name and bank account. We appreciate if you could understand and hope this will be workable for you. And now We officially announced Our old bank account has been closed.

We are sorry if this gives you inconvenience. However, you could be assured that there will be no difference and very safe if you pay into to account of Taiwan Okin Huasu Group We hope you could understand. And this document will be lawful for our group.

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